SHENESE CASE; Demanding Quality, Self-Care Routine, Post-Show Eating, Training Split for Growing Glutes, Be Better

September 10, 20203 min read


In this week’s episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk has the pleasure of interviewing IFBB Pro Shenese Case. Known for her killer glutes and high energy, Shenese has a passion for fitness and helping women achieve their goals. In addition to being a fitness coach, this Canadian bombshell is in prep for her Pro debut after winning her pro card at Vancouver Pro in 2019.
Shenese begins by acknowledging how hard she is working to achieve a better stage presence for her Pro Debut in September. She gives credit to Beyonce to obtain a more sassy and energetic stage presence. Shenese also mentions the importance of hiring a coach during this time to have “another set of eyes”. Her coach focuses on every detail from “hair to toenails”. Her coach emphasizes a good posing routine to show off her physique and how making posing a daily routine will help the stage become second-nature.
Celeste and Shenese speak about how she was able to self-coach to the national level Shenese explains how she was afraid to train upper body before hiring a coach because of the misconceptions of being too manly with big biceps and shoulders. She has also decreased lower body focused strength training such as quads/calves and increased upper body days to obtain the perfect balance of muscle. 
For her pro debut, Shenese has now focused on bringing down her mid-section, facial expressions, and overall conditioning. During her off season, Shenese did not over indulge and enjoyed occasional cheat meals to keep her waist line down and manageable. Celeste and Shenese agree that there is more to life than “chicken, rice, and broccoli”. Shenese now uses this approach while she coaches other women about meal timing, macros, and practicing moderation and portion sizes. 
Celeste and Shenese also discuss the “why” of competing. Shenese reminisces about the insecure girl she used to be and how fitness gave her the confidence she always wanted. Shenese encourages viewers to support other women in the beginning of their fitness journeys. Celeste and Shenese believe that competing gave them the inner strength and discipline to have a sense of purpose in life. 
Finally, Shenese gives credit to her daily rituals. She begins the day by meditating 10 minutes journaling, lighting a candle, and setting intentions for the day. Shenese never wants to be remembered as “the moody person” during prep and wants to represent sport in the best light.

She states, “When you love what you do, it should be full of happiness.” She has leaned on her friends and family during stressful times to include losing her Dad and going through a breakup during competition prep.

Shenese is a wonderful representation for the IFBB and has an undeniable energy!



[1:32] Shenese shares her stage ritual
[4:01] Shenese discusses her love for her team/importance of posing and stage presence
[8:04] Differences between self-coaching and hiring a quality coach.
[10:32] Training split/favorite shoulder and glute exercises
[13:05] Feedback provided by judges for her Pro Debut
[15:36] Traveling for shows internationally/during pandemic
[20:23] Difference between prep and off-season diet/bringing your best package
[25:31] Shenese’s “why” on competing/words of wisdom
[33:24] How Shenese stays inspired/motivated; Her day-to-day routine
[36:21] Keeping a positive attitude in prep, avoiding negative feelings
[41:37] Shenese opens up about heart break, losing her dad, moving during pandemic
[45:33] How being an IFBB Pro has aided her professional life
[50:25] How Shenese guides women to feel empowered/her coaching skills
[53:30] Shenese discusses her E-Book for better glute development
[55:56} Transitioning from cosmetology to fitness coaching
[58:27] Fear of post-season eating/being food focused
[1:05:33] Favorite meals/recipes/food freedom
[1:15:00] Shenese talks about her future plans, endorsements, brand deals

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