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3 Common Causes of Overeating

July 18, 20202 min read


Any of this feel familiar to you?

All I want to add to this infographic is that these are 3 of the most common ways I see my clients induce their own urges and sometimes the most common reasons they give into them

What’s crazy is these are also commonly accepted ‘best practices’ and ‘healthy mindsets’ within the fitness industry (NOT okay)

I read too many IG influencers or coaches posts telling their followers or clients to do these exact things—you know the ones

It is NOT healthy and as I’ve broken down in the graphic, can cause more harm than good

I’m reposting this because I feel it was time to reinforce the message and support you in creating a healthier relationship with food WHILE pursuing your goals!

If you’re struggling with your relationship with food & want to begin taking the steps to mend it but you don’t know where to start or just need support along the way

Let's work together to help you make peace with food through my Food Relationship Healing & Discovery Coaching program

Using my signature PTG process in my work with competitors, I combine psychology with personal development & mindfulness based practices to help you Build More than Just a Body

Every person I have worked with who has gone all in with me and truly trusted the process has come out with success and I have no doubt that it can help you too

Many of my clients come to me not really believing in or seeing the light but knowing they need to do something about it before it worsens and they usually come out of it feeling like a completely different person🥳

Click HERE to apply to and learn how my food relationship healing & discovery 1:1 coaching program can work for you!

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