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Bodybuilding is a Representation of the Power of These 3 Things Working Together

March 08, 20202 min read

Bodybuilding is a Representation of the Power of These 3 Things Working Together

Bodybuilding is so much deeper than the surface level standard we work so hard to meet & reflect on stage

I frequently express love to my body as it is such an incredible feeling to know I can push my body to the limits & she still stands for me and supports me

It’s a crazy symbiotic & synchronous relationship between body, mind, & of course our core of our being-the soul

My souls purpose can be pursued with the strength of my mind and the support of my body

It is amazing to see what all three accomplish together

I no longer work to change my body out of loathe—that was a dark time in my life that NEVER brought me peace, fulfillment, or pride; just a consistent insatiable longing for “better”

I have learned to love my body in many forms & appreciate her for how she serves me through it all & not solely on how she looks—as this is impermanent

I think back to a time where I not only didn’t love the shape of her but I also couldn’t love her just for being her

That makes me sad

It makes me sad to hear people hate on their body & do everything in their life just to change their body

You might be thinking “you’re literally a competitor changing your body to meet a standard”

And while that’s true, it’s about the intent & attachment behind this effort

I can take pride in my shape now because I can take pride in my shape anytime

I have loved my body through so many stages because she has loved me

Bodybuilding is not about vanity but rather about acceptance, gratitude, & shining light on what incredible vessels we live in & how they work in conjunction with & for us

What an amazing privilege it is to pursue goals that demand so much of our body & be able to stand on stage or in an off season or at the gym & say, “thank you body for bringing me here, thank you mind for working with my body to challenge my limits, & thank you soul for reminding me what I’m really doing this all for”

It’s okay to want to change your body, pursue physical goals, & make efforts to reshape

But the drive to make those changes has to come from a positive place which can be detached from the outcome & present with the process

I am now 4 weeks out so let’s see what we can do😊🧠

Celeste Rains-Turk

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