CARLA GARTHWAITE; Impact of Competing on Relationships, Prioritization, Why Hasn't There Been a Tattooed Olympian?, Taking in Feedback, Pressure in NPC v IFBB

February 08, 20202 min read


In this episode, Host Celeste Rains-Turk has an intimate conversation with Carla Garthwaite, a posing and competition prep coach who has her own line of waist trainers, Cinched by Carla. She is known for repping girls with tattoos on stage and wants to be the first sleeved Olympian. This pro is married with kids and has proven time and time again that you can overcome challenges and recreate your life with consistency and the commitment to being better.

Tune in to hear Carla open up about the impact bodybuilding and chasing wins has had on her marriage and relationship with her kids. She opens up about realizing that she had put her hubby on the backburner and explains what happened that led her to stop posting about / tagging her kids on Instagram.

Carla also discusses the pressure she felt as an amateur compared to the pressure she feels now as a pro. She shares her experience in the pro league and tells us what prepping for nearly 5 years straight with hardly any time off has been like. She shares how much she is enjoying her time off now to focus on her family. With this, she takes us through a rough break she had and how the post show blues hit her hard sending her into a big breakthrough about future reverse diets, body dysmorphia, getting comfortable with eating more and filling out like the judges have asked her to.

Carla talks about what a normal day looks like for her as a full time mom, competitor, and coach. She answers questions submitted by you like if she could only pick one exercise to do for the rest of her life for shoulders, glutes, and hams what they would be.

We also discuss fit shaming and how to respond to people. Celeste explains how grief plays a role in this and Carla discusses what she does to handle it and how she has been able to move forward.

Because Carla takes pride in who she is, she explains how she helps her posing clients embrace themselves too and how she encourages other competitors to fit the mold without changing who they are completely. On this subject, she shares why she thinks there hasn't been a sleeved Olympian yet and then gives us insight into how she polishes her look in such a way that she feels has helped her land top placings.

While every episode is real and genuine, this one gets super raw and you won't want to miss it!

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