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CHARINA BAKER; Growing up in a 3rd World Country, Being Teased, Going from Vegan to No Label, Off-Season Approach, Prioritizing her Family

July 13, 20181 min read


In this episode, Celeste Rains-Turk brings on a mother of 2, coach, singer, actress, and human resources professional from the Bay Area who earned her procard at her first national show at the age of 43 in 2016, Charina Baker. 

Charina discusses her childhood and adolescence, growing up in a third world country with her mother for a role model and support.  Charina goes into the importance of her family time and how she fears missing out on her children's lives so she is prioritizing them over competing. 

Charina talks about her approach to training and nutrition in the off season and it is contrary to what most pros do.  She discusses how risilient she became to being teased, how she trains with scoliosis, the importance of connecting with judges on stage, the number on the scale meaning nothing, and how she went from being a top 10 vegan in PETA to no longer conforming to any dietary label.

You can connect with Charina on Instagram: @charinaifbbpro or Facebook: Charina Baker

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