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Creating a Healthy Body Image Post-Show and Deep Into an Improvement Season

July 24, 20192 min read

Creating a Healthy Body Image Post-Show and Deep Into an Improvement Season

Post-show: ugh I look horrible I’m so bloated I can’t stop eating I should prep again what if the judges forget me did I even use the anabolic window am I ever gunna be able to prep again rhjffjdjdkdocn

Deep into off-season: damnnnnnnnnn!😍👀 lookin good my girl lovin’ them curves on you wooosh look at you killin it at life and all who cares about a bloat when you got your period did someone saychocolate everything works out perfectly I’m growing is that a new muscle fodjfjfisodlcjf

I know, Many of my posts lately have been emphasizing the benefit to having a healthy body image & it’s been resonating with many of you

So I felt inspired to tell you a bit about how I even got here in the first place!

I’d like to say it was the nearly 12 months off that I’ve taken from the stage that helped my mind find peace

But it wasn’t just time

I know for a fact time is an important piece of this for many competitors & so many girls run from it instead of surrendering to it


It took deep inner work, healing, reconnection, conscious thought pattern shifting, self awareness, and real deeper than surface level effort

I had to face my demons

I had to implement what I know, what I needed, and what was best for me

I had to confront the beliefs that didn’t serve me, recreate definitions for success or happiness, and call myself out on my own BS

Just because I am really frikkin good at what I do as a coach who helps women make peace with food, their body, & their goals doesn’t mean I never struggle

It’s always a conscious choice DAILY

Your days just become more and more full of love rather than loathe the more you master your mind

If you’re ready to make a real mindset shift and transform your relationship with food, your body and your goals but don’t know where to start here’s what you can do:

1. Click HERE to sign up for the free post show blues personal development coaching series where I share a bit of my signature PTG process™️

2. Cut to the chase, Email me about working with me (see my 👙 client testimonials here for more inspiration) let’s figure out what will be the best option for you

3. Continue to feel meh bleh feh wah


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