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Developing Mental Stamina for Longevity in Bodybuilding

November 22, 2019โ€ข2 min read

Developing Mental Stamina for Longevity in Bodybuilding

As a competitor, your mindset is tested & challenged in new ways daily in every season

To become a winner, feel amazing on stage, have successful reverse diets & therefore even more successful preps, as well as work your way up the ranks in the sport, you have to do what others aren't always willing to

So, imagine investing as much energy & time into your mindset as you do your workouts, nutrition, recovery, coaching, posing, & the shows themselves?

By focusing on your mindset, you would have the mental stamina to support your longevity in this sport!

&&, since your mindset wouldn't be sending you into self-destructive spirals with food, body image, discipline or any other challenges that come up as a competitor, you would have more time & energy to focus on becoming the elite level athlete you dream of being

You don't have to give up competing to 'get your mind right' & you certainly don't have to wait until you 'fail' a reverse diet before working on your relationship with food

I urge you, from competitor to competitor, don't wait until you NEED to work on your mindset to set yourself apart from the girls next to you

Be PROACTIVE so that EVERY time you step on stage you feel empowered, beautiful, proud, & fulfilled regardless of the outcome

This is the mindset that breeds champions

When I prioritized my mental health & came back to bodybuilding in 2017 after my very first show in 2015, I knew that my mindset shifts were the reason I was able to do well & bring a better physique, presentation, & commitment level day in and day out

I 100% know & believe that the reason I have now been able to present my best on stage, have incredibly fulfilling preps, & maintain a positive mindset post-show regardless of circumstance, is because I have the tools & knowledge in psychology & personal development to do so

I want to share them with other driven competitors so I created an On-Demand Mindset Coaching platform where you can get INSTANT access to mentorship & support at your fingertips to shutdown anything that isnโ€™t serving your highest self

Click HERE to learn more & join for instant access at only $9.99/month ๐Ÿ˜

Celeste Rains-Turk

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