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DR. RUTH MONTES; A Doctor's View on Bodybuilding & Risks, Focusing on the Whole Package, Parental Care Taking, & Staying Focused

February 19, 20215 min read


In this episode, we meet Ruth Montes, life-long athlete and primary care physician who just won her IFBB Pro card at the 2020 Masters USA Championships, even while working COVID wards and caring for her ailing mother. Her athletic career began with gymnastics , running,  and cheerleading but it took a revenge body mindset to get her into weight training and competing in the npc 2.5 years ago

She found out that being a doctor was her calling, because she always had a passion for science. Moreover, due to some condition, her mom was frequently in the hospital. Ruth grew up finding faith in her Christianity, and all these elements made her ask herself what are we doing for others ?. 

She started lifting with a revenge mentality, after having been cheated on. 
Throughout the journey, her mindset evolved from revenge to doing something for herself

The owner of the vitamin store she used to go advised her to go to Ryan Bentson, who became her coach.  They had a good connection & his useful detailed feedback and coaching has made a huge difference in her athletic career.

She was competing while she was still a resident in med school.  That gave her ammunition to keep her going and strive for more. There are parallels between becoming a doctor and becoming a pro, in the extremes of the lifestyle. 
She used to do boot camps and marathons before immersing into bikini competitions. Training became a fuel and a way to take time for herself. She ran a marathon 1 week prior to Governor’s cup and learned lessons about that. She was too sore and didn’t do great. A choice had to be made between running or bodybuilding. 

A few times, Ruth was super close to earning her pro card. She used her coach's feedback to improve along with the support of a posing coach.
Her mindset also changed. Now she feels lots of gratitude and taps into mindfulness in everything she does to make the most of it. She is a positive person and always takes lessons from her experiences. 

Ruth  insists on the importance of the whole package, which is also why she changed her suit and hair color. 

Ruth explains that it is important to be mindful about nutrition, especially when you’re always on the go like she is. 

Ruth and Celeste discuss how she has been feeling since her pro card win and she shared how keeping a positive mental attitude focused on manifesting and never allowing negativity to rob her of happiness. She shares the importance of having a supportive community. Her boyfriend, who’s also her coach's brother, is a piece to her success, thanks to the incredible support he gives. 

Ruth gives her standpoint, as a doctor, regarding health and bodybuilding. recommending to think ahead, consider the side effects as well as the importance of fertility to you.
What risks are you willing to take ? Using is not necessarily inherently bad, but you have to take informed decisions, with health at the forefront.

Ruth’s best advice would be to listen to podcasts! Podcasts give us a great insight and we can always learn from others. Find people who you connect with to tune into this lifestyle and of course, never give up. 

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2’18 : Ruth shares her pre stage ritual. She uses breathwork and prays
3’13 : Ruth explains what a « normal » day is for her, which is very busy.
She starts with fasted cardio, then breakfast, consisting in spinach egg whites, oats, almonds
Then goes to work. After work she goes to the gym.
Then ends with groceries and diner. 
6’42 : She learned lessons from practicing lots of sports besides bodybuilding, especially one week prior to competition. 
Ruth shares how she’s dealt with that and how now she recovers. 
10'47 : Ruth’s « why » has evolved, from a « revenge body » mindset, to « I wanna do this for myself ». 
13’30 : Ruth explains how she started with her coach. 
16’05 : She gives details about how it is to work with her coach, and how useful his feedback is. 
18’16 : In 2019, Ruth was super close to getting her pro card.  She gives her insight about that experience. She also shares the feedback she got. 
23’33 : Ruth explains how her perspective has changed compared to when she was a gymnast. 
23’53 : Ruth shares the feedback she got from North Americans and how she improved. 
26’ : Ruth explains how she became more mindful about her diet, while she’s always on the go.
27’40 : Ruth shares how she was able to turn things in order to get that win, and the Pro card, in 24h. 
With her coach, she used nutrition and posing tweaks. 
31’48 : She explains how posing can be used as a tool to display a different physique, and the importance of being relaxed. 
35’37 : Ruth talks about the changes she brought to her hair and suit. 
38’ : Ruth gives DIY tanning tips. 
40’46 : Ruth explains how bodybuilding can actually add to your life. 
41’30 : She talks about the feels when she earned her procard.
44’44 : Ruth shares how she dealt with doubts and post show blues. 
48’ : Ruth talks about the tunnel vision on stage. 
51’ : She talks about her mindset post pro card.
54’40 : Ruth’s boyfriend is her coach’s brother. 
She develops about that. She also shares about the support she receives from her boyfriend. 
58’13 : Ruth talks about the parallels between becoming a doctor and turning pro. 
59’14 : She gives her point of view about « hiding » or not hiding that she’s a bodybuilder to patients. 
60’39 : Ruth gives her standpoint, as a doctor, about health and bodybuilding. 
63’23 : She continues with how she capitalizes on health. 
67’14 : Ruth explains she wouldn’t change a thing in bikini, since she loves the division. 
69’04 : Ruth mentioned that she was taking care of her mom. She develops about that. 
75’50 : Ruth explains how she knew that being a doctor was her calling. 
75’40 : She shares her best advice for new competitors and new pros : 
Listen to podcasts ! you can learn from others and become involved in an inspiring community
78’46 : On your road to pro, Ruth’s advice would be to trust the timing, each time you get better, enjoy, stay involved and don’t give up. 

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