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How Brittany Stopped Binging, Night Eating, & Negative Body Image to Finally Make Peace with Food and Her Body

July 24, 20194 min read

I remember when my client Brittany first came to me a few weeks after stepping off the Arnold Amateur Stage.

She messaged me opening up about what she was experiencing post-show and how much her mind was really getting the best of her.

​Brittany expressed how unhappy she was with herself, how she didn't feel comfortable in her own skin or with the weight she had gained and how she was eating post-show (binging, restricting, thinking about food alllll the time). She was terrified of gaining weight and becoming the 'bigger girl' which she was when she was a young girl and worked hard to get away from.

Brittany openly told me that she was disappointed in herself for binging, not loving herself the way she wanted to and even feeling out of integrity because she encouraged others to love themselves, and felt absolutely helpless to fixing it.

Like she says in her program review video (& below), she really didn't have high hopes coming into the program but she knew she was no longer alone and committed to working with me. 

Before working with me, she had really tried hard to reverse diet despite trying to count macros or follow plans, but she found it to be very challenging.

She would find herself binging during the day and also would wake up in the middle of the night as though she was in another world and just eat and eat and eat. This was something we really focused on overcoming and were able to solve practically overnight with one simple lifestyle shift. Sorry, can't tell you what that was exactly, some of my secrets are password protected for my clients eyes and ears only ;).

The thing with Brittany is, before we started working together she would binge, then restrict, then binge, then restrict. The restriction was out of shame, guilt, and fear. After gaining 12 pounds in a month she knew she needed help but really didn't know what to do. She opened up to other people in her life but was seeking a solution, so she reached out to me.

Brittany was really at a loss as to what to do but she saw my emphasis on the importance of doing the inner work and trusted in me to help her.

I took her through my 4 week Food Relationship Healing Program with a coaching call at the 2 week mark and another at the 4 week mark.

The coaching calls is where a lot of the deeper magic happened as it allowed me to really take her through practices, exercises, and healing that were specifically for her, what she was going through at the time, things I noted from her paperwork that really needed to be moved through, and of course anything I saw in the food journal that needed to be immediately addressed.

Clients like Brittany are amazing because despite not having full faith that the problem can or would be solved, she committed to the process and invested in it. Not just financially in hiring me as her mentor, but with her time, energy, and effort.

Brittany took on everything I gave her and implemented it immediately. She was quick to see where she could have done better or been more consistent and always open for feedback. Brittany's success was not just because she followed my program, but because she was committed to it. Her honest, positive, trusting attitude throughout the entire 4 week process is what truly allowed her to make incredible progress.

After working together, she filled out my evaluation form which I send to clients upon completion of our time together. It acts as a reflection process for them, a progress chart for me, and of course a way for me to see what I can improve or emphasize within the program.

She reflected on many wins and wrote an amazing reflection:

 How Brittany Stopped Binging, Night Eating, & Negative Body Image to Finally Make Peace with Food and Her Body

I am truly so amazed (but not surprised) by the progress Brittany had during my 4 Week Food Relationship Healing Program for Bikini Competitors.

In her review video below she may or may not have shared some of my secrets! hahaha. Brittany got results because she was committed to resolving the pain she was in that was really running her day to day life.

If this is something you are feeling called to participate in and really commit to then fill out this form to apply for the program:

you hit submit I will review and reach out to you within 24 hours to chat about your specific situation in more depth, and then decide if this is the best option for you moving forward. 

You can watch her review video here:

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