It cant always be about macros

It Can't Always be about Macros

October 17, 20232 min read


Having a healthy relationship with food has been proven to enhance performance outcomes and mental health

Did you ever consider that your relationship with food is affecting your success as an athlete?

Sure, you can see that over fixation, restriction, binging, mindless eating, and emotional eating are impeding on your physique and performance but how often do you really work to address, create, and maintain a healthier relationship with food to Support yourself as an athlete

Lately, many of my clients have been expressing tiresomeness with macro tracking as they are feeling it has become extremely obsessive or is taking away from their life

We want to commit to worthy pursuits to feel they are meaningful. So it is important to start with committing to something you feel is worth committing to

This is NOT to say to only do what feels good and take life easy...

We always want to strive for more for our life to satisfy our innate desire for pursuit and satisfaction from it

But, what we commit to to get where we want to go, really should be a mindful endeavor

In the post, I outline macro tracking as a specific example. Sometimes it can lead to losing identity, joy, and weakening performance because when not executed with intention it can be pretty mindless or just about eating whatever you can fit

If you do not prioritize your relationship with food, you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle to your longevity

I offer mental heath support to athletes so they can make peace with food and their body WITHOUT sacrificing their fitness & physique goals

Let's #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODYtogether... You can sign up for a free food relationship coaching series at the link in my bio @celestial_fit or DM me for the link. OR you can learn about my 5 week food relationship program at

is your take on this?? are you mindless tracking macros or mindfully doing so to support your relationship with food and your longevity in this lifestyle?

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