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JULI LOPEZ; Don't Cheat Yourself, Learning from Experience, Stick to Your Best Look, and Learn from the Best

June 12, 20205 min read


In this episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk speaks with Juli Lopez, a personal trainer and owner of Iron Babe Fitness, a business student and IFBB Bikini Pro who earned her pro card at Miami Nationals in 2018.

Celeste kicks off the episode the way she always does by asking Juli about her pre stage ritual. Then, Celeste asks Juli about the process she took to build muscle after always being skinny growing up. Juli explains that through consistency and goal setting she saw her body changing, eventually leading her to diligently research coaches before finding the right fight and making the decision to compete.

Celeste and Juli discuss the potential her coach saw in Juli before ever having competed and what they did to bring her thoughts and projections to fruition. From there, Juli talks about her early success as an amateur and how that really set the stage for her pursuing bigger goals and aspirations as a competitor. 

Celeste then transitions the conversation into the mindset that Juli took on, not just setting her sights on becoming a pro, but enjoying the journey and bettering herself as an athlete overall.

Next, Juli talks about what made her decide to take a break from the stage despite being so determined and focused. Juli shares the feedback the judges gave her that led her to return to the national stage and eventually earn her pro status, as well as the strategies and approaches she and her coach took with her training and nutrition to make the necessary changes.

Celeste then asks Juli the fun question of which exercises for glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders, Juli finds best for building those target muscle groups. From there, Celeste transitions the conversation to a newer topic that has not been discussed much on the show before and that is the topic of dating during prep. Juli shares her thoughts, opinions, and experiences with dating during prep and living the lifestyle of a competitor. 

Next, the conversation shifts to a day in the life for Juli. Celeste asks Juli what her typical day to day looks like and Juli discusses certain rituals and practices she has to keep herself focused on her goals, despite having a busy schedule. Here, Juli talks about her idea of “don’t cheat yourself” and how that mindset motivates her to stay focused on going after her goals.

Celeste and Juli discuss Juli’s business and what misconceptions and stereotypes others tend to have surrounding the concept of being your own boss. Juli also offers a discount on her booty bands with code 'Bikini20' that you can find using the link to connect with Juli in the show notes! Celeste talks with Juli about how prep has positively influenced her life and business by teaching her to be very detail oriented. 

The conversation then shifts back to Juli’s career as a competitor and what it was like to step on stage next to some of the top competitors in the sport who have graced some of the most prestigious stages and what then led her to take time away from the stage and transition into her first real improvement season.

Juli shares that during her prep for her pro shows she ended up injuring her hamstring, yet did not disclose that information to her coach and continued to push through to the stage. Juli also walks us through her mindset and thought process as to why she decided to continue prep and hit the pro stage shortly after earning her pro status instead of first taking an off season.

Celeste asks Juli the process it took for Juli to finally find her show day look and she shares tips on how to choose the suit and hair color that best fits your physique. Finally, concluding the episode Juli shares her advice for new competitors and girls on their road to pro. 

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Episode Time Stamps:
[1:25] Juli shares with listeners her pre-stage ritual.

[2:20] Celeste asks Juli about the process it took her to build muscle.

[4:40] Juli shares how she discovered bodybuilding and what led her to competing.

[8:10] Celeste asks Juli if her early success as an amateur really propelled her forward to keep striving for more in the sport. 

[9:48] Celeste asks Juli about what she did for her mindset while staying focused on her goals.

[12:00] Juli talks about how she knows when it's time to step back and take a break.

[15:35] Celeste asks Juli about the strategy she took to help grow her upper body.

[19:10] Celeste has Juli share her top exercises for glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders.

[20:27] Juli discusses the topic of dating during prep.

[24:00] Juli shares what her typical day looks like.

[26:40] Celeste asks Juli about rituals and practices she has to keep her goals at the forefront of her mind.

[30:00] Celeste and Juli talk about what it’s like owning their own businesses, what it’s taught them, and common misconceptions people have about “being their own boss.”

[32:50] Juli discusses her thoughts on how prep has influenced her life positively, in competing and her business, by being detail oriented.

[37:30] Juli shares what’s changed in her approach to training since stepping away from the stage since her pro debut and starting an improvement season.

[39:30] Celeste asks Juli to share her experiences stepping on stage as a new pro amongst top competitors and seasoned pros.

[43:30] Celeste and Juli discuss what Juli’s mindset was like continuing to prep with an injury and without her coach knowing.

[48:40] Juli talks about what drove her to push to compete on the pro level instead of first taking a break after earning her pro card.

[50:00] Celeste asks Juli how she went about finding her best show day look.

[51:20] Juli shares her advice and opinions on picking the proper hair and suit color for the stage.

[54:30] Julie gives advice to new competitors and girls on their road to pro.

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