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LAUREN ADAMS RETURNS; Rookie Year, Pressure of Hyped Expectations, Rekindle Joy, Letting go of Ideal Physique for Criteria

October 30, 20206 min read


In this episode, Celeste brings back Lauren Adams, an IFBB Bikini Pro that Celeste spoke with about many deep and eye opening topics in her first episode. To start off Lauren’s return episode Celeste asks Lauren about her first year competing as a pro. 

Lauren shares what it was like stepping on stage with Olympians and prepping through COVID, and she also talks about how she was determined to step on stage at the Klash Championships despite the uncertainty of the new show date despite various cancelations and postponements. Next, Lauren talks about the feelings she had surrounding her placements and the feedback she received. Celeste then asks Lauren about her feedback from the judges and has her elaborate on how the feedback has changed from the amateur level to now competing as a pro.

Lauren talks about her dedication and drive she had to build as much muscle as she could before stepping on stage for her pro debut, and the pros and cons that came along with that growth in relation to the criteria for the bikini category. Lauren shares what she learned in terms of what the judges were looking for on the pro level, how that differed from the amateurs, and what training and nutrition changes she made to fit those criteria. After talking about the critiques and feedback she received, Lauren emphasizes the importance of competitors creating a relationship with the judges, especially if one wishes to be a true student of the sport. 

Celeste then goes over the transformations that Lauren made with her physique, overall look, and presentation based on the feedback she received from the judges. Lauren then talks about her feelings associated with the critiques she received about her physique being too big or too muscular for the bikini division after working so hard to bring a new and improved package to the stage.

Celeste then asks Lauren about her coaching switch, what inspired the change, and the new approach they took with her training and nutrition to bring the look the judges were looking for. By mentioning the changes in her training, Celeste and Lauren go on to discuss the various coaching methods and approaches to cardio during prep. Next, Celeste touches on Lauren’s approach to her nutrition and asks Laure if she prefers to track macros or take an intuitive approach. 

Circling back to a topic Lauren wanted to elaborate on, the women discuss all things judging, specifically the differences between what is being rewarded at the amateur level and then what is expected for the pros. Lauren touches on how as much as she loved training heavy, she didn’t need to go quite as “beast mode” as she did for so long and how the judges do not always reward the girl that shows up the most lean or “shredded.”

Lauren also shares that at the pro level, the judges tend to focus more on the minor details including posing and overall presentation. The two women discuss more in detail the importance of posing itself and Lauren shares what she felt has made the biggest impact on the improvements she’s made on her posing routine. 

After discussing judging criteria, Celeste asks Lauren about her feelings around getting sick and asks Lauren to share if she felt any grief while watching her physique change because of the inability to train due to being sick. Lauren reflects on the feelings and emotional waves she has experienced during this time and what she will be focused on moving forward.

As a result of this reflection, Celeste asks if Lauren has had any breakthroughs, whether about herself or about life, during this time. During this discussion, Celeste and Lauren talk about expectations athletes set for themselves and also the healthy, real and raw feelings or reactions they experience around competing and placings, both positive and negative. 

Next, Lauren and Celeste both reflect on how they feel this year has been a blessing in the sense of learning to trust life’s timing when striving to achieve personal goals. They also touch on how this relates in the competition space and how girls tend to have a scarcity mindset around sticking to the timeline they set for themselves when it comes to achieving specific competition goals.

Celeste opens up and shares valuable insight about the importance of the journey, self growth, and personal lessons that one learns through a competition prep. Both women also share the importance of competing for the love of the sport and the desire to truly better oneself instead of competing for the external validation they receive from others.

After sharing some valuable insights Celeste switches subjects and asks Lauren about the friendships she’s made backstage and the difference in the dynamic amongst competitors between the NPC and IFBB levels. Lauren then opens up and shares if there was anything she wishes she would have known before competing in her first pro show and season. Lastly, to conclude the episode Lauren shares how others can reach out and connect with her.




[1:00] Celeste reintroduces Lauren and shares what topics will be discussed.

[2:50] Celeste asks Lauren about her first year competing as a pro; sharing the stage amongst Olympian’s, prepping during Covid, etc.

[7:15] Lauren talks about the feedback she received from the judges, how her feedback as a pro has differed from being an amateur, her plans moving forward.

[9:30] Lauren mentions what the IFBB Pro judges typically look for versus the physique she originally brought to stage.

[11:15] Lauren shares why she think it’s important for competitors to have a relationship with the judges.

[14:00] Celeste asks Lauren how she felt after receiving feedback such as being too lean or too muscular after taking the time off to build.

[19:20] Celeste has Lauren share the inspiration behind her coaching switch, what major changes were made in both her training and nutrition.

[24:40] Lauren and Celeste talk about different coaching methods & approaches when it comes to cardio.
[27:40] Celeste asks Lauren about her approach to nutrition during prep; intuitive approach versus weighing her food and tracking macros.

[31:00] Lauren talks about judging; what is being rewarded at the amateur level and what is expected in the pro circuit.

[35:40] Celeste asks Lauren about judging at the pro level and if they focus more on posing and presentation as being part of the whole package.

[38:10] Lauren talks about what had the biggest impact on improving her posing.

[40:00] Celeste asks Lauren to share her feelings or possible grief she’s experiencing from the changes in her physique as a result of being sick.

[44:00] Celeste asks Lauren about personal breakthroughs she’s had during her first pro season. 

[48:30] Lauren and Celeste talk about expectations as an athlete and healthy reactions around placings and competing.

[51:00] Celeste and Lauren talk about how this year turned out to be a blessing in disguise in relation to trusting life’s timing.

[53:40] Celeste and Lauren discuss the concept of competitors having a scarcity mindset around one’s competing timeline.

[59:00] Celeste shares valuable insight on the importance of the journey and self growth and lessons one can learn about the self through competing. 

[64:00] Lauren talks about friendships that develop backstage amongst competitors.

[68:39] Lauren shares if there’s anything she wished she would’ve known before going into her first pro show & season.

[72:15] Lauren shares the best way for listeners to connect with her.

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