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Mental Health Stigma in the Fitness Industry; EDAwareness

February 06, 20202 min read


Why is it that as competitors we are instantly written off by the mental health field & told to “stop competing” or “bodybuilding is bad for you” or “oh no wonder your body image & food relationship is so disordered”?!


The amount of girls I have inquire & sign up to work with me that tell me about their horrible counseling/therapy experiences is absolutely maddening

I decided to take a stand for the competitors, fitness enthusiasts, & athletes who so often are told to “just stop” doing something they love to “fix” their issues

I’m sorry, What?! Just because you don’t “get” it or understand it doesn’t mean it is SUCH A BAD THING

PLUS I’m appalled at how little application / direction is given beyond the usual “talk” therapy

I got my degree in psychology because of my passion for personal development & how it literally changed my life INCLUDING my relationship with food & my body

WHILE I was studying, It was reinforced within me of how little our problems have to do with the actual surface level appearance of them

Yet some people within the mental health field still believe that stopping competing completely will resolve everything (& they don’t entertain other options!! Wth?!)

Well for someone who Is really passionate, invested, & driven to succeed in it; they’re not going to take well to that

That leaves someone who could really use some mental health help, stranded feeling like “it’s either competing orrrrr a healthy relationship w/ food & my body image”

I’m fired up because this is EXACTLY what I want to change & why I’ve invested in my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental health counseling

I guess this is my own version of “if you can’t beat them, join them” && for me RISE UP, CHALLENGE, & CHANGE them

I’m bridging the gap between competitors & mental health

I have limits as to what I can “say” but the work I do speaks for itself

So this is for YOU girls

The ones who have been told you have to give up what you LOVE in order to love yourself


You CAN & DESERVE TO have a healthy image of yourself & relationship with food WITHOUT sacrificing your goals as a competitor
Visit my Website's Services Page to learn how❤️🧠


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