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MOTHER'S DAY SERIES; A Group Discussion with 3 Best Friends, Super Mom's, and IFBB Bikini Pros; Robyn Maher, Sarah Devore, and Valerie Lusvardi

May 10, 20205 min read


In this second ever group episode Celeste has the pleasure of talking with three IFBB Bikini Pros, moms and best friends, Robyn Maher, Sarah Devore and Valerie Lusvardi about their personal experiences as mothers and athletes; managing expectations, getting the most out of their time, Having body positive & healthy eating conversations with kids, and so much more.

Celeste kicks off the episode by having the ladies share with listeners how they all met, how they became close friends, and how important their common interests and friendship has been to each other over the years.

From there the competitors share how they got started in the sport given their various stages in the process of building their families. Celeste then asks if the women had any changes in mental or hormonal health postpartum that impacted their competition prep approach, and Valerie opens up and shares her experiences with postpartum depression and how the gym helped her overcome her struggles.

Then, Celeste asks Robyn about the impact parenting took on her approach to accomplishing her own personal career and fitness goals. Sarah opens up and shares how she transitioned from being a working mom at the cancer center at UCSD to become a stay at home mom.

Celeste then opens the floor for the competitors to discuss a question asked by listeners surrounding the topic of timing; how did they know it was the right time to put competing on pause and start a family? When is the right time to come back to competing after having children?

From there the competitors discuss strategies they’ve learned over the years about time management and scheduling since starting their families and some unrealistic expectations they may have had about motherhood before actually becoming moms.

Robyn talks about her experiences as a single mom have affected her personal and career goals and from there the three women transition into an open discussion about how they approach the topics of body image and relationships with food with their children, as well as how they prepare meals and foods for their families.

Celeste then asks how the competitors describe or explain the sport to their children and the moms share valuable teaching opportunities that bodybuilding has given them as mothers and role models to their children.

Robyn, Sarah, and Valerie talk about working out with their children and share experiences of their kids attending their shows. The competitors also share insights as to how they stay present with their families while taking time to focus on themselves during competition prep.

Celeste then wraps up the episode by asking the competitors if they could go back in time and change anything about their experiences using the knowledge they have learned since starting their journeys in competing and motherhood.




Time Stamps:
[1:00] Celeste introduces the three IFBB Pros, moms and best friends that she will be speaking with today.
[1:50] Celeste asks Robyn, Sarah and Valerie how they all met.
[5:20] Robyn, Sarah and Valerie share how important it is for them to have each other’s friendship as well as common interests.
[6:15] Celeste asks each of the women individually about how they got started in the sport or what influenced them to get into bodybuilding after already having kids.
[9:00] Celeste opens the floor for the competitors to talk about any changes in hormonal or mental health postpartum that impacted their approach to prep over the years.
[11:00] Robyn shares how parenting impacted or influenced how she approached her own personal goals.
[14:00] Celeste asks Sarah how she went about her transition from working at the cancer center when she decided to start a family.
[15:00] Valerie shares how breast feeding during prep impacted her nutrition, training, and schedule.
[17:00] The competitors answer a question from the listeners on timing: when is a good time to pause competing to have a family? When is it the right time to compete after having kids?
[20:15] Celeste asks the competitors what they’ve learned about scheduling, time management, and adapting after starting and continuing to grow their families.
[27:07] Robyn, Sarah, and Valerie discuss some unrealistic expectations they may have had about motherhood.
[30:08] Celeste asks the competitors if they think coaching themselves would be easier given their schedules as moms and athletes.
[32:15] Celeste asks Robyn how being a single mom has affected her personal and business goals over the years.
[36:10] The conversation transitions into body image and food relationships and Robyn, Sarah and Valerie address how they approach those topics with their children.
[43:30] Celeste asks the competitors how they approach preparing meals for their kids while they are prepping.
[48:35] Celeste opens the floor for the ladies to share how they explain the sport to their kids and the teaching opportunities it gives them.
[53:48] Robyn shares her approach to exercise and working out with her children and how their interest has changed over the years.
[57:00] Robyn, Sarah and Valerie talk about if they’ve had any of their kids attend their shows.
[60:10] Celeste asks the ladies about their skin care routine during pregnancy that they found beneficial.
[62:00] The competitors talk about how they stay present with their kids while doing something for themselves - competing.
[64:50] Celeste asks the competitors if they would go back and change anything, using the knowledge they have now.

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