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Should you...?

June 18, 20212 min read

 Should you...?

Weigh yourself every day?
➡️ intention matters. If you’re weighing yourself everyday to justify or judge decisions you made and not collecting any other data then no. If you’re weighing yourself every day and also collecting other data throughout the week and considering other variables, then yes. But if in both situations you obsess over the # on the scale, then you can either take an exposure based approach to change the relationship between you & the scale or stop weighing yourself frequently if at all (difficult for competitors to just not do when working with a coach).

Do extra cardio or manipulate next day macros after slipping off plan?
➡️No. Period. If you want more resources on this I have some where I break it down further.

Say no to social events so I can have a successful prep?
➡️Yes, if with people you don’t like or who don’t support you at all. No, if you fear you won’t be able to control yourself (there’s a bigger issue at play here). Reconsider or reschedule if you’re extremely exhausted & take initiative to set up other plans you’d prefer.

Go back into a cut if I gained “too” much weight?
➡️No. Give your body some time. Focus on lifting heavy, resting, giving gratitude to your body, and nourishing yourself. Cutting now will only extend the process. Stick to your building season and cut later. Talk to your coach or hire one.

Delete social media because I keep comparing myself?
➡️ No. I don’t believe in getting rid of things if they even add some value to your life just because they take some away. Fill your feed with other things you enjoy.

Set a Boundary even though I feel nervous about how they’ll respond?
➡️ Yes. Practice with yourself and write out possible outcomes so you can be prepared. Be considerate yet firm. If you feel unsafe then do it with someone else present or in public. No, if you have tried many times & it continues to be crossed.

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