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SKYLAR LANIER; Developing Confidence, All Things Posing, and Weekly Habits for Personal Growth

February 08, 20191 min read


In this episode, host, Celeste Rains-Turk talks with Skylar Lanier, the Overall Winner of Junior USA’s, 23 and by the time you hear this, 24 year old pro, and posing coach who has been competing for almost 4 years and has done 17 competitions!

Skylar opens up about how she developed confidence in her body after years of feeling like she wasn't ever going to look how she wanted, struggled in a toxic relationship, and having body image issues for as long as she could remember. 

She gets real about posing and shares some of her best secrets for making herself and her clients look amazing on stage. Skylar talks about the mental habits she uses to continue moving forward in her personal development along with the way competing has helped her become mentally stronger.

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