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To Experience True Freedom in Life, We First Must Create it Within Ourselves

July 13, 20191 min read

To Experience True Freedom in Life, We First Must Create it Within Ourselves

To be truly free in this life, I believe we must first feel truly free within ourselves

Many things in life can bring us freedom

But we are the only ones who can truly choose to experience it

In order to experience it, we have to know what it feels like to create it inside of ourselves

Life has always been so beautiful to me, no matter how hard the struggles I was facing were

I turned to nature to bring me freedom and peace of mind many times

I realized nature was always there, no matter what was going on in my world or the world, I knew nature would still be doing her thing

I wanted to have that for myself and not rely on anything else

When I committed to make freedom with myself and in myself it happened

Taking the time to create that freedom within myself, my body, food, my goals, and many other areas of my life, allowed me to become like nature

No matter what was happening in my world I could still be free because I had peace within me

When you prioritize your inner peace and the relationships that are impacting it the most, you’ll find that freedom truly feels so much more free

If you would like to begin transforming your relationship with food, your body, and your goals then shoot me a message now and let’s talk to see if and how we can work together to make that happen

PS isn’t this view incredible?! Deer Valley, Utah NEVER disappoints, missed this place and so happy to be here this week. Feels amazing to experience this bliss 🌲😍🌞

Celeste Rains-Turk

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