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WHITNEY WISER; Making Your Stamp on the Industry, Strong Stage Presence through a Judge's Eyes, Finding Passion and Purpose through Pain

April 09, 20215 min read


In this episode, Celeste speaks with Whitney Wiser, an IFBB Bikini Pro who has competed in 31 shows, is now a posing coach, show judge, and promoter who has built her brand by supporting other women to live their best life through fitness.

Celeste starts off the episode by asking Whitney if she has any routines or rituals she performs before stepping on stage. Touching on the fact that Whitney hasn’t competed since 2018, Celeste asks Whitney if she has any future plans to return to the stage. Next, Celeste mentions Whitney’s transition from athlete to show expeditor, promoter and coach, and asks how her role and presence in the sport has evolved over the years. Whitney shares her experiences as a test judge and how those experiences sparked the desire to become a promoter and hold her own show.
Celeste then dives deeper, asking Whitney more about the process to become a test judge and asks Whitney what mistakes she sees girls making on stage. Whitney emphasizes the importance of posing and shares trends that she feels will become the “new normal” in the bikini routines. Whitney talks about how the course she created, titled Amateur Advantage, goes over what new competitors should know before starting a contest prep, which talks about how girls know if they are working with the right posing coach.

After sharing details of her coaching strategies and her reasoning behind creating her programs, Celeste asks Whitney what she finds herself looking at and scoring the most while judging, while still adhering to the established criteria. While talking about judging, Whitney shares insights on the importance of stage presence and confidence and how competitors can really stand out to the judges. Whitney mentions the importance of “staying true to yourself” instead of trying to be someone else on stage.
Next, Celeste asks Whitney about what types of investments girls should prepare for and expect before finally deciding to commit to a contest prep. Whitney references the first module of her course and how she outlines the commitments and expenses that are required in every aspect of prep. Celeste reiterates the importance of being aware of all the responsibilities that come with competing but also mentions the decision that every athlete ultimately has to make: when is the right time to step away from the stage.

Celeste asks Whitney how she approaches her training, nutrition, and mindset since making the decision to hang up her heels. Whitney shares how her role shifted from competitor to show promoter and also discusses what comes with that role, as well as the pressures she feels as a female athlete representative. Whitney emphasizes the challenges that came along with finding balance without maintaining the “expected competitor look” or stage-lean physique all year round.
From there, Celeste mentions Whitney’s success via internal reflection but also asks about the driving force that yields the growth and success of her brand. Whitney vulnerably shares a story about her past abusive relationship and how her ex ran her over by a car right as she was gaining momentum in her competing career.

Despite doctors telling her she might not be able to walk or compete again, Whitney took those words and decided her life was not over just because someone else tried to take everything from her. Whitney tells her story of resilience and how she had to rebuild her body, sharing any doubts or fears she had over what her future would have in store for her.

Whitney explains how she combats doubt and how her connection with her faith comes into play when those feelings arise. Celeste and Whitney discuss how its important for one to be in touch with their emotions and how to channel them in a positive way to be able to fuel growth in times of difficulty.
Next, Celeste asks Whitney to share her best advice for someone that wants to leave their mark on the industry. Once again, Whitney emphasizes the importance of finding your purpose, how to go about doing so, and how that can lead oneself to making a lasting impact. Finally, Celeste concludes the episode by asking Whitney to share her best advice for the novice competitor as well as for girls on their road to pro.


Time Stamps:

[0:45] Celeste introduces Whitney
[1:50] Celeste asks Whitney about her pre stage ritual.
[3:35] Celeste asks Whitney if she plans on returning to the stage.
[5:40] Whitney shares the evolution of her involvement in the sport aside from being an athlete.
[10:10] Whitney describes the process to become a test judge.
[12:05] Celeste asks Whitney to share some things she sees girls doing wrong.
[13:40] Whitney shares any trends she feels will become the “new normal” with posing.
[15:45] Celeste asks Whitney how a competitor knows if they are working with the right posing coach.
[20:10] Whitney shares what she finds herself looking at most when she judges competitors while sticking to the criteria.
[21:45] Celeste asks Whitney how girls can stand out at the national level.
[26:00] Celeste asks Whitney what investments girls need to prepare for before deciding to prep for a show.
[30:00] Whitney discusses her approach to training and nutrition now that she has decided to hang up her heels.
[32:50] Celeste asks Whitney what comes with being a female athlete representative and if she feels any pressure from that role.
[36:35] Celeste asks Whitney what fuels her drive.
[41:50] Whitney shares if she had any doubts of what her future would look like.
[47:15] Celeste asks Whitney for advice for someone who wants to make a stamp on the industry.
[50:50] Celeste asks Whitney to share her best advice for the novice competitor and for girls on their road to pro.
[53:20] Whitney shares where listeners can find and connect with her on social media.

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