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CELESTE SHAFFER; Hiding Muscle Mass, Difference Between NPC and IFBB League, Using Intuition, Dealing with Medical Issues, Joining Social Media

April 19, 20191 min read


In this episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk, dives into an educational chat with Celeste Shaffer, an athlete sponsored by Bella Bikini Suits and petroleum engineer who turned pro in 2018 at her first national show the north American championships. Then placed 6 at her first pro show in Japan!

Celeste Shaffer fills us in on all the intricacies of becoming a pro from the contracts, strategy, and the athlete's perspective going from the NPC to the IFBB. She shares how she has changed her perspective on her own physique and process as well. 
She also talks about her really busy schedule, career advancement, and how she gets everything in as stress free and fulfilling as possible.

​Celeste also talks about her journey into social media and how it helped her as an athlete to land a sponsorship. She even opens up about her struggle with her ovary and having to get an ovary removed three months before earning her pro card!

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