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Improvement Season is Perfect for Number Breaks!

January 11, 20192 min read

Improvement Season is Perfect for Number Breaks!

Sometimes competitors get so caught up in the numbers.

Number of weeks till showday, number of pounds, number of inches, number of trophies, number of grams, number of macros (you get the point)

But during the off season, we have an opportunity to learn more about our body, give ourselves more time and grace, and have purpose without a destination.

We can focus on building our weaknesses without focusing on not being good enough by x time.

We can focus on improving our health without focusing on not looking lean enough.

We can focus on our life outside of the tunnel vision of prep mode without focusing on not being ready.

I’m not an advocate for slacking! But sometimes a break is the best thing we can do for our mind and body.

In work, business, school, and especially competing we tend to get so focused on “arriving” that we can end up with a ‘less than our best’ result.

It would be crazy to never give kids a recess, pilots a co-pilot, long distance drivers a rest stop, swimmers a breath...and so on.

Resting and resetting allows for better performance.

They never stop moving in the right direction, they just recognize the value in taking a moment to breathe!

In this off season, I had no show dates in mind (and still don’t)

I just have health restoration and balance of hormones as my main goal.

And so far, so good in this goal of mine. It hasn’t been a necessarily “smooth” process but it’s been an expansive one that has opened me up to so much more in my business and life!

If you haven’t listened to my latest podcast with Jacky Gomez that came out today, we talk about some of her own struggles post show with her health after competing so many times so closely (sounds familiar!)

You can listen to “Confessions of a Bikini Pro” on any podcast streaming platform you like or HERE!

I also share some of the practices, beliefs, and shifts I made to make the off season more enjoyable and fulfilling for me while seeing my body change;

In my free 7 day post show personal development coaching series. Want access?

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