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BREENA MARTINEZ: Mental Prep for Olympia, Switching Teams, Over training, Belief, Competition Life vs Healthier Life, and Tools for Recovery

September 14, 20181 min read


In this episode, Celeste Rains-Turk speaks with 4x Bikini Olympian 5x IFBB champion, coach, sponsored athlete, and aspiring gym owner, Breena Martinez.

Breena opens up about her thoughts on girls switching coaches/teams, how she preps her mind for the Olympia and how it is different than other pro shows, the reason she wants to open up a boutique gym just for women, her different approach to coaching competitors vs. non-competitors, what she did after losing for a whole year, how she knew she was over training, and how recovery can make a difference in your physique on stage. 

She shares many of her valuable methods, tools, and resources which can easily be applied right away so take notes! 

Connect with Breena Here for all the resources mentioned and to show some love!

note from Breena: Over the years, I've had many learning experiences when going into any Peak Week. My FeNIX Fit team has a checklist that's utilized to make sure things are not forgotten. You can text "checklist" to 64600 and receive that list for free. Laminate it and make sure not to forget anything! If anyone has questions about why something is on the list, shoot me a DM on IG @breenamartinez.

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