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KAYLIE FOUNTAIN; Getting Sponsored, What happens after earning your Pro Card, Benefits of Working with a Coach even as a Coach, Ideal Conditioning & Mindset in Off-Season, and Enjoying the Sport Beyond the Trophies

September 07, 20181 min read


In this insight filled episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk picks trainer, athlete, and nutritional science student, Kaylie Fountain's brain on what it was like to earn pro card/move through amateur days so quickly, becoming sponsored by well-known/loved companies, the impact of earning her pro card on her business, and the reasoning for staying conditioned even in the off season.

Tune in to hear about why Kaylie prepped herself for the start of her career in the sport, what inspired her to hand over that control to a coach, how her approach to social media changed once she got her pro card, the genuine approach she took to gain sponsorships, and her take on approaching the off-season to maximize potential within opportunities in the fitness industry.

kayliefountain_ifbbpro check her bio on instagram or shoot her a message to take advantage of the deals she can get you with her sponsorships!

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