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Are the demands being placed on you dehumanizing you?

March 07, 20192 min read


Are the demands being placed on you dehumanizing you?

Think of all the things you or others ask of you day in and day out.

Complete x tasks
Go x places
Wear x clothing
Do x thing
Look x way
Eat x foods

It’s amazing to me that when we objectively look at society, so much of it is quite dehumanizing.

Of course that’s not to say none of it is empowering!

But people are literally dreading their days, maybe even you have or are!

Then we create stories in our head to justify our lives as they are now even though we are DYING for more!

What we really need to be doing is loving & honoring ourselves enough to set boundaries and choose things for OURSELVES.

Define what being human means to you & take note of what allows you to feel most like YOURSELF😍

All too often people are wrapped up in the go go go that we don’t even take time to reflect on what we are really doing

And when we do, we either don’t want to look because it’s not what we planned, we see the problem but don’t do anything to solve it, or we instantly choose growth!

The work I do is really really amazing because I get to connect with people on such a deep level to improve their life.

I literally watch them transform into the version of themselves who fulfills their needs, loves themselves, and attracts only the energy they want to call in!

It’s so fulfilling for me because the work I do isn’t “easy” or something “anyone can do”. I really take pride in every single one of my clients and literally put so much time and attention to detail into what they’re going through

It’s a culmination that occurs over months and months and growth is ALWAYS possible. I love watching them flourish!

If you are looking for guidance, direction, or support in your life for making breakthroughs, sorting through the negative emotions in your head, and truly manifesting the life you desire...Apply for my 1:1 breakthrough coaching programs today and I will see if or how I can help you!.

It’s not something I take lightly. And I honestly, not just saying this, can only work with 3-5 people per month because I’m THAT invested. Of course, you have to be invested too

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