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Why I cried by the mirror

August 09, 20164 min read

I stood in front of the mirror, and I cried...
I felt emotional
I didn’t recognize this girl
I loved so much about myself but I still hated on myself too.
I could have the best day ever, I could feel amazing about an accomplishment I had, and then I could still find something to pick on myself about…
“My legs are too big”
“I hate my stomach”
“Why don’t I have the body I want?”
“Why can’t I eat whatever I want like my friends do without gaining fat?”
“Why can’t I do x?”
“I don’t want to go to the pool bc I hate my body in a bikini—nothing looks good on me”
Mind you, I still had days where I was really proud of myself. I was always confident, uplifting, positive and 100% myself. I was always a leader, a motivator, an example. I loved (and love) that about myself.
But there were two extremes.
I was the girl I hated to look at and the girl who could public speak without fear, who could lead a team without questioning it, who could motivate people to do more and be more without hesitation.
I realized there needed to be a balance.
I had hired well-known online trainers. I thought having a meal plan and a training plan was going to do it f or me.
I already knew I was a driven person. This was not a matter of motivation for me, I already had that all. I had already started my own fitness journey on my own, then I wanted to kick it up a notch, so I did.
I had achieved MASSIVE results on my own, I lost a load of belly fat, I started “eating healthier” (what I thought was healthy, I know now was not), I worked out daily with a fire in my heart--I always looked forward to it.
News flash hit me... I still didn’t love myself, or my body, it still wasn’t good enough. I trained thinking about looking better with no thought of feeling better or loving myself which is what started my journey. I didn’t actually focus on what I wanted to find.
So even though I saw results in the way my body looked I never focused on the inner work and none of my coaches did either.
So, I took things into my own hands. By this time I already knew I wanted to give others what fitness gave me. But I also knew I had a purpose. My purpose was to give MORE. I knew I always stood out, I decided I was always going to be different, I was always going to be ME and I was always going to offer something MASSIVE to the world. And thus, Building More Than Just a Body was born.

I have been compelled to open up about my story further because I have been there. I had to go through it all, I learned, I educated myself, I received education, and I invested over and over and over again to learn, learn, and grow so I could really tap into and fully release my message..
Well, guess what? I am so excited to share this with you now
It has been released, fully, and continuously, exactly as it needs to to generate consistent, long term, sustainable results for my VIP members
I have created a Building More than Just a Body VIP membership site which delivers more than just an excellent nutrition and training regimen with guidance based on you and your goals, but all things BMTJAB like mindset, self-love, self-confidence, behavior change modification planning, wellness dimensions, and much much more.
If any part of my story hits home for you, is something you have gone through, go through, have waves of, or experience from time to time then I would love to see you in my BMTJAB VIP membership site.
I highly encourage you to take a peek and see how it can change your life too.
Comment below with “YES!” if you want to know how you can receive access to the VIP Building More than Just a Body membership site and witness a life-long, sustainable shift in your overall health, fitness, wellness, mindset, confidence and much, much more.
Comment ”YES!” below if YOU are ready to step into the best version of yourself and FULLY own it...and/or share this so someone else who needs to feel this love and step into their inner VIP can make the leap

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