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ALYSSA BLESSING; Olympia Hustle, Mindset and Daily Ritual, Marine Discipline, Negative Body Image, Dealing with Comparison, Doing What's Uncomfortable, Weight Gain and Growth

January 25, 20192 min read


In this episode, host, Celeste Rains-Turk sits down with Alyssa Blessing, an IFBB Professional Athlete and a member of the US Marine Corps. She dedicated herself to competitive bodybuilding in late 2014 after she underwent a divorce and became determined to find her confidence both on stage and in life. In the 2018 NPC Universe competition, she won first in class and earned her Pro card. She also holds a degree in psychology and a culinary degree. She is passionate about helping others find the strength to transform their lives, and looks forward to coaching and motivational speaking as she continues to rise up through competitions. 

Tune in to hear all about how Alyssa came to learn her body and knew she had to gain more than 5 pounds to put on significant muscle mass and how even with a proper reverse diet she gains at least 20+ pounds over to reset the body. Alyssa talks about how she struggles with comparing herself to others as well as her struggles with her body image over the years. She opens up about her goals for the Olympia, how taking time off has been her secret weapon for top placings, and what the game plan is for this year. 

Alyssa discusses the challenge she faced after doing tons of shows that taught her that binging can happen to anyone and it is not as simple as she once thought. She discusses how she looks at health for her clients too.
She even gives us a look at her daily ritual, training split, favorite personal development/self-help books, and what she does to maintain a positive mindset to be in competing for the long haul. 

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