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DES SCOGGINS: Losing Your Period, Birth Control, Is the Pro Card all Hype?, Accepting Weight Gain, Discussing Faith, Struggles as Strengths, and 'Not Being Another Swipe Video'

November 02, 20181 min read


In this episode, Celeste Rains-Turk, dives right into some pretty personal and vulnerable topics with Des Scoggins, a Dog mom of 2, DBFT Fit Guide creator, and Bite Meals athlete, New IFBB Bikini Pro, college volleyball player, believer in all things Jesus, and professional hype woman of others.

Tune in to hear about Des's experience with amenorrhea (loss of period), what she learned about birth control after that experience, getting comfortable with weight gain, her opinion on the ol 'stay 5-10 pounds above stage weight' saying, and the hype around the coveted pro card.

We also discuss, the 'influencer' image, using struggles as strengths, being open about religion online, growing a loyal base of followers, and eating a slice of humble pie after the Olympia expo. 

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