HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY!; Reflections, What Inspired the Show, Growing with the Podcast, Women of this Sport, Gratitude, Exciting Things to Come, Big Wins, and a Little Bit About Your Host

May 09, 20195 min read


This is the happy birthday celebration for the podcast! And I am soooo excited to be celebrating with you all :)

It would be so amazing if today or whenever you hear this you could make a post or even just write me or leave a review sharing some of your favorite highlights or episodes or takeaways from the show as a way to celebrate the show and the incredible athletes who have come on to share so openly.

I gotta say, this sport is full of PHENOMENAL women

Women who care for, support, and uplift one another

Women who actively find ways to add value and help others

Women who are not afraid to be themselves or be vulnerable

Women who know their story, experiences, and expertise can help others

Women who will give without anything in return

Real. Down. To. Earth. Women

I have connected with/met more women like this than the ones who are not this way

This podcast was started with the intention of being the only place where IFBB bikini pros share their struggles, strategies, stories, insights and advice in a real, raw, and vulnerable setting

The goal is to educate, inspire, and remind other competitors, athletes, or the ‘average gym goer’ that even the most elite professionals face hardships, health problems, mental obstacles, and other adversities

We also love to talk about our wins, successes, and fun experiences.

We share laughs, cries, and even strange stories

Our commonalities as competitors and women bring us together but it’s every single woman’s unique quirks, experiences, and endeavors that REALLY bring us closer

I am so grateful for everyone’s who tunes in. Whether it’s only ever once in awhile or every week religiously, I appreciate you

I have a deep love and sincere appreciation also for those of you who screenshot that you’re listening, share what you love, or even message me to tell me how much the podcast has helped you, inspired you, or even changed your life!

I consider what I do a privilege and I honor this privilege by investing a lot of time and energy into every episode along with the production of this show as a whole

Those of you who have become patrons on and are subscribing a certain amount of money every month to help the production, it does not go unnoticed especially as I am working to roll out even more epicness with this show from coaches week coming up to making sure I have an int every week this year and even events.

My Vision for the impact of this podcast is that it becomes a “must listen” for competitors and those who aren’t listening immediately do and fall in love with it when they first hear it. While I’ve been told by many people it’s at this level, I can’t wait till we have even more people downloading every month

We have hit well over 48k unique downloads since the launch and with the growing consistency the numbers have been rising

To me the numbers aren’t just insights and stats for me to use in my business or for growing the show or Improving. It’s a physical representation of an impact that’s being made

Not to mention over one hundred reviews on iTunes that touch my heart every time I read them

I didn’t start this podcast with any intentions of it impacting my life or business but I’ve grown with the show and the show has taught me so much and revealed pains to me in the industry, because of the ones I have experienced too, that have opened my eyes to the fact that I absolutely love the bikini competitor world. I love talking to you ladies, serving you all, coaching you, and really am on a mission to make a massive splash in this industry niche

I want everyone to know that my intentions and motivation are from the depths of my souls purpose and mission and I’m here to make a lasting difference

Thank you for investing your time into me and thank you to all of you who have expressed interest in the event, joined my peace through growth program for making peace with food your body and your goals in the improvement season (contact me for info), gone through my food freedom for competitors journaling and discovery program (contact me for info), and who follow me on Instagram, read my content, and look forward to it

I have had so much fun the past year and can’t even believe what’s to come!

I hope you’re just as excited and ready for it as me.

If you have any guest recommendations, show topics, want more info on the events or programs or are looking to sponsor the show you can contact me through my website or Instagram

Let’s make it another great year! Make sure to rate review and subscribe so you never miss an episode. Share this with your teammates and friends and of course Don’t forget to let us know your fav parts, why you listen, or what’s been the best parts of having this podcast for you on social media, in the reviews section, or even just a private message to myself and those amazing athletes

With so much love and appreciation I hope you all have an amazing rest of your day, night or morning, wherever you are in the world while listening to this episode, just make it awesome!

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